format(string template, bytes args) → (string)

toString(address value) → (string)

Transforms an address to a string.

toString(bytes value) → (string)

Transforms a byte array to a string.

toString(bytes32 value) → (string)

Transforms a bytes32 to a string.

toString(bool value) → (string)

Transforms a boolean to a string.

toString(uint256 value) → (string)

Transforms an uint256 to a string.

toString(int256 value) → (string)

Transforms an int256 to a string.

parseBytes(string value) → (bytes)

Parses a byte array string.

parseAddress(string value) → (address)

Parses an address string.

parseUint(string value) → (uint256)

Parses an uint256 string.

parseInt(string value) → (int256)

Parses an int256 string.

parseBytes32(string value) → (bytes32)

Parses a bytes32 string.

parseBool(string value) → (bool)

Parses a boolean string.

parseJson(string value) → (JsonResult)

Parses a JSON string.