struct Fe {
	string compilerPath
	string filePath
	string outputDir
	bool overwrite


create() → (Fe)

Creates a new Fe struct with default values.

build(Fe self) → (CommandResult)

Builds a binary file from a .fe file.

toCommand(Fe self) → (Command)

Transforms a Fe struct to a Command struct.

setCompilerPath(Fe self, string compilerPath) → (Fe)

Sets the fe compiler path.

setFilePath(Fe self, string filePath) → (Fe)

Sets the fe file path to build.

setOutputDir(Fe self, string outputDir) → (Fe)

Sets the fe build command output directory.

setOverwrite(Fe self, bool overwrite) → (Fe)

Sets the fe build command overwrite flag.

getBytecode(Fe self, string contractName) → (BytesResult)

Obtains the bytecode of a compiled contract with contractName.